Dim sum by M&S

I have been craving for dim sum but just never had the time to get some. I was intrigued when I saw some har gau and siu mai in Marks & Spencers while I was grabbing some last minute groceries (we’re middle class like that).

I had the har gau and siu mai for lunch…

It looked right, but it was disappointing. The har gau’s wrapping was too thick and the siu mai had too much vegetables and garlic. I really like garlic, but believe me, it was too much even for me. Would I buy again? Probably not, unless I get desperate. 

Well, short post this time. I need to go and breathe on the unsuspecting Denty. I’m nice like that.

I’m not tall enough

It is my company’s policy to send us to be poked and prodded health screened every few years. I have just had a preliminary screening (the proper one is in a couple of weeks where they actually take real life blood from my veins) where they noted my height, weight, questionnaire and etc.

DR: Based on our current calculations, your BMI is on the high side, indicating that you are overweight.

Me: Not really. I’m just not tall enough.


Two years

It has been two years since my mum passed away. It still hurts every bit as much as it had two years ago. Memories of her still bring on pangs of loss and yearning. Every time I see a rainbow, I look for her.

Love you mum, so much that I have never realised when you were alive.