Four years ago today

Four years ago today, I was as miserable as anything. It was my second day in Barnet Hospital with a pre-eclampsia diagnosis, but nobody told me what was going on and what’s the next step. Denty had to work, but thankfully he just flipped it all aside and spent the whole day with me.

Little did I know there was still a whole week of waiting and uncertainty before D-day. Those were dark days that turned darker. It all got better in the end, but I do sometimes wonder if it truly has.


Memories of jazz

There is something beautiful and evocative about jazz music. Whenever I catch a tune, it transports me back to the time when Denty and I started living together. We moved into that first house in the summer of 2006. Every Friday evening, when we get home from work we’d throw the French doors open to our little patio garden, put on some jazz music and shake up a dirty martini. We’d talk, cook together and have wine. Sometimes we’d just talk and sometimes we’d work on jigsaw puzzles. All the while, the jazz music is played in the background.  Those were magical moments, the rare times I have ever felt truly contented and at peace.

Now, when we get home from work, we rush around to wash the children and cajole them into bed time. There is no more jazz music playing. Sometimes, I wonder what this was all for. In a way, there’s no more Muks. In a way, I just don’t see the point of it all.

At least, I have the memories of jazz. That has got to be enough. That is good enough.

What I did when the kids are out

Ever since I left EY, I have been working on a temporary job while looking for something more permanent. I was supposed to have an interview at an interesting place this morning… But when I got into the car, I found that all the trains have been cancelled due to an earlier derailment. D’oh. Not the best start.

Anyway, I rearranged the interview for another day and suddenly had a full kid free day… And so this is what I got up to. A town of queuers and the giraffe (single mum) family’s beautiful food garden.


I’m rock n roll like that. Can’t wait for the kids to come home so that I can blame it on them.

Haiku by Muks

Muks is so hungry
for Kentucky Fried Chicken
and some shucked oysters.

I’m a natural. Meets all the rules:

  • 3 lines;
  • 5-7-5 syllables; and,
  • about nature.

Dim sum by M&S

I have been craving for dim sum but just never had the time to get some. I was intrigued when I saw some har gau and siu mai in Marks & Spencers while I was grabbing some last minute groceries (we’re middle class like that).

I had the har gau and siu mai for lunch…

It looked right, but it was disappointing. The har gau’s wrapping was too thick and the siu mai had too much vegetables and garlic. I really like garlic, but believe me, it was too much even for me. Would I buy again? Probably not, unless I get desperate. 

Well, short post this time. I need to go and breathe on the unsuspecting Denty. I’m nice like that.